09 September 2005

A Poop Story...

I thought that this would amuse you Moms - since, in hind site, I find it hysterical.

On the car ride home from Philly yesterday, with about an hour left, I leaned over to look at the little guy and it looked like his testicle was hanging out of his diaper. Well you can only imagine what it really was, so I made Tom pull over at the next rest stop. In the 7 minutes it took us to get there, I had to start cleaning the baby up because there was poop EVERYWHERE!! All over the car seat, his onesie and the overalls he had on. I knew something like this was going to happen too, since he ate every 2 1/2 hours the day before, and I couldn't remember changing a dirty diaper in about 24 hours. Dum-Da-Dum Dum
When we finally got to the rest area, I had Tom hold Thomas up by the arm pits to I could begin the cleaning process.
Now his diaper did not fail. The poop did not just shoot out of the leg hole and not go any where else like is usually does, no my son FILLED the diaper! What I had seen leaking out was merely OVER FLOW!! I have never seen so much poop in my entire life. How can one 13 lb boy produce so much poop!! Needless to say, I cleaned out the diaper bag of almost every wipe and towel I could get my hands on to clean the baby and the car seat. Through all this he is not crying at all. He actually had this look of supreme pride and joy, "look what I did!" on his face. I actually made Tom take a picture because after I was done cleaning him and I had to move him over to begin cleaning what was under him, there he was, completely naked basking in the sun on the tailgate of the Murano. I am so proud!

Well I hope that gave you all a small chuckle.

06 September 2005

Still Alive

I'm still kicking - he's sleeping like a champ, but he's also eating like one during the day, and he's eating up all my free time. Whew

I feel like I never have time for anything....