21 November 2008

Twilight - Spoiler Alert

Hey everyone! I haven't used this in a while, but let's give it another swing. I'm pretty much stealing this from an email I wrote earlier, but at least it's something, right?

So last night at 12:01, well actually 12:30 am, but I'm blocking that part out, I saw the new movie Twilight. I've been a big fan of the series since I started reading the first book, Twilight, in August of '07.

I LOVED IT!! and I'm honestly shocked that I did. I'm sure my friend Betsy was waiting for me to start yelling at the screen a la Indian Jones 4, but I was good. (well as long as you don't count the teenager I told to stick it, but give me a minute on that) I'll admit there were parts that I thought were cheesy and I didn't like how they seemed a little redundant trying to drive some points home, like how much he over-acted how bad she smelled or how he seemed a little odd sucking the venom from her at the end. I know there were more, but I'll remember more on more sleep and a second viewing. I really was expecting the worst. I absolutely hate it when really good books are destroyed on film. Cinder House Rules was an amazing book - the movie - shit soup. Ask anyone, and they'll tell you I hoped the movie didn't suck, but was pretty sure it was going to. So I think I was a pretty hard person to please and, for the most part, the movie did the book and, more importantly, the feeling the book gave me, justice.

There was one thought that I had a couple of time during the movie, and seems I wasn't the only one. Will people who haven't read the books get it? And I guess, from the reviews, they didn't. But honestly, how "serious" a movie can you have about two "teenagers" in love when one of them is undead?!?!? This review gives a total overview of all the reviews -not that I read reviews (don't even get me started on Babel?) I just think all the really bad reviews out there came from people who didn't get it.

One of my biggest disappointments was the meadow scene. If the fact that they just wandered away from school didn't bother me enough, what was with all the spinning camera "artistic" crap! That meadow plays such an important part in the the next book. What will she search for to prove that Edward was real if the spot he first glittered in is right up the hill from her school?

Biggest surprise for me - I really thought Kristen was going to suck, and not in a good way. Every time I saw a preview, I didn't think she did a believable job, but, excluding her babbling in the hospital bed, I was pleasantly surprised.

A friend pointed out that one of the problems that the movie might have had was that it is hard to capture the cheesiness of the book, good lovey, dovey cheesiness, without going over the top - maybe that's why it got so ripped up.

So about that teenager I may have been a bit snippy with...so Betsy, Cookie and I got to the theater just before 10. The plan was to pick up the tickets that Betsy got last week, and then go wander around to pass time until we could get into the theater. But it turned out that we could go into the theater right away. You know what that means - NO LINES!!! And honestly, I've spent enough of my life on line for Stephenie Meyers at this point!! So since were were there so early we got to pick THE MOST AMAZING SEATS EVER!!!! Dead center, and pretty close to the front, to Betsy's chagrin. We say right behind the handicapped section, so we had no seats in front of us, but still a bar to put our feet up on!!! And the most perfect part of that is that we cut off 1/4 of the teenagers we could be surrounded by, now they could only be behind us and next to us. I know I'm harping on the seat selection, but it's very important to the story and they were PERFECT!!! AND WE DIDN'T HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE FOR THEM!!! But anyway, at around 11:15 ish, remember, we've been there since 10, this girl asked us if we could all move down a seat!!!!!! Without missing a beat, I said, "We'd rather not, since we've already been here for an hour and a half" Now that doesn't sound like the worse thing I could have said but the girl made a face like I just told her to go f&*% herself and Betsy's mouth just opened, a gasp - So I guess I was a little bitchy about it =) But honestly, it's not like the theater was full, or we were asses and left one seat empty on the aisle. Betsy, having her wits about her after a second, pointed out that there were the 5 seats they were looking for right on the other side of us - so the girl I just told to stick it sat next to me for the whole movie. So am I the most terrible person in the world? I think I still have a lot a angst from the last time I waited on line for Ms. Meyers =)
So to sum up = read the book first, because honestly, it is amazing! Don't let all the teen drama surrounding it turn you off - some of my best friends are Twilight Moms =)

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Sarene said...

Hi there! Glad to hear you enjoyed "Twilight." I'll admit, I'm hearing it's the "Best Comedy of the Year," but I'm still going to do my best to go see it. Next I want to start reading the books!