01 May 2009

One Insightful Little Boy

The other day my son asked me, "Mommy, when I was with the angels before I was born, was I dead?" 
Side notes: 
      Months ago he wanted to know where he was before he was born.  Since it's not something I can really wrap my head around, I told him that the angels were watching him until his Daddy and I were ready to take care of him.  
     I also recently had a relative pass away, and we've never been the type of parents to dumb things down for the boy, and he's not really the kind of kid that will take the dumbed down version anyway.  So when my Aunt passed away - I hope when I'm 96 I have all my faculties till the end! - we explained him that she had died and it was time for her to go to be with Jesus.  He had a ton of questions and we talked about it a lot.  
So getting back to the other day, I explained to him again that they were only watching him until it was time for him to come to us.  Then he asked, "But what if you never had me?"  Holding back tears, I responded, "...I would have done anything to have you!"

...and that's when I realized that IVF was just my method of "anything" to get the rest of my babies from the angels.  It's amazing the things your little one can make appear so clearly. 


RockandrollBride said...

What a sweet story!!!! You're such a good mom :-)

Cheli said...

Hi Maria,
This is Celina, I went to middle school with you for a while. Stacey led me to Saren's blog which led me to yours. That i browesed while writing my short lived blog panchumom.blogspot.com
I wanted to say that I think you are being incredible loving and courageous going through all this for your babies.
I know the age difference is something we try to plan so well, and sometimes it's just not in our control. Whatever the gap though, Thomas and his siblings will have a rich and fun relationship. And if he is 10 when the next kid is born, well that will be its onw type of fun and craziness and they will build on that.
On a different note, I resently came across this beautifl craft blog: http://vlijtig.blogspot.com/. I would sooo make most of the stuff this netherlander makes if i had the teeniest of patience.
Keep strong and bestest of luck,

Angel711 said...

Thank you both so much! You have no idea how much the support has helped me get through this!!