09 February 2011

Bon Jovi

I like to think that I have excellent taste in music.  A trait that I seem to have passed down to my children.  When TJ was little(er) his favorite song to walk around singing was Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash.  Of course, in the beginning, the only part he could remember was, "Burn, Burn, Burn," and if you aren't a Johnny Cash fan it would remind you of a scene out of The Shinning.  J&J are displaying their love of fine music already.  This morning during breakfast they started to "Rock Out."  Thankfully, I've realized that they perform amusing stunts without warning and am always prepared with my camera to capture said stunt.  
Mealtimes are always amusing with the twins.  This afternoon I had my act together enough to actually sit down with them and eat my own lunch, I even had a magazine out, and was reading it!  And there lies my mistake.  
I thought I was paying attention to them; I surely would have noticed if, God forbid, one of them started choking, but I was still missing their favorite, silent game, "How much food can I drop on the floor without Mom noticing."  The rules of this game are simple, drop food, one item at a time, onto the floor, if you get caught, game over.  I'm sure when my Mother sees that I have posted a picture of farfalle all over my gross kitchen floor for all the inter-web to see, she is going to be aghast.  But this photo illustrates my very important point - I need a dog!  We used to have a dog, a beautiful, lovable, separation anxiety, seizure having, mutt, named Fiona.  When she was demonstrating her wonderful traits I could not have loved her more, but it has only been since her passing that I realize what her best trail of all was - She ate everything.  Never did I have to sweep when TJ was in his high chair, heck, she even kept the chair itself clean!  The twins' highchairs could not be grosser and with all this freezing weather I can't drag them outside and hose them off, so I'm left chipping dried banana and who knows what out of the crevices of the chairs whenever I can spare the time to be grossed out.  (Or when I catch one of the twins eating highchair leavins that I can't remember serving this week)  So in summation, I need a dog, and TL thinks I'm kidding when I keep saying some spring day he's going to come home from work and we're going to have one.

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Tom Eble said...

We're not getting a dog!