08 February 2011


Baby Feet

JR was a big help today. We were heading out the door to the grocery store and JR was kind enough to hold each of his feet up for me to put his socks on. This, however, was his idea of a joke.  The twins' favorite thing to do is to rip their socks off and shake them at me.  It's their way of saying, "Look what I did, Mommy!"  But I'm the one that ends up looking like the terrible Mom who takes their babies out in the cold with no socks on!  It doesn't matter how big their socks are, I can put them in socks that go up to their knees, and I do, and they'll just keep working at that sock until it finally comes off in their hand and they are elated!
Babies with pants still on
TL doesn't help.  He's made JP's favorite game "shake the sock in my face" and it's a tried-and-true way to make JP crack up! I must admit, there are other things that they like to take off, so I guess I should be happy that, so far, socks are the only things they take off in public.  Today, after their alleged nap-time, I came into their room to see two, pant-less,  13-month olds, and boy were they excited about it!

In other news, JR has mastered his "Up" sign.  Ironic, I would have thought his first sign would about involved food like TJ's did.

The "Love Bug"
Speaking of TJ, I was a big sap today and bought a Hallmark Love Bug.  I figured, what better way to celebrate TJ's reading his first book then this little treat.  I did, however, have to explain to him that the bug was merely a holder for the goodies and that he would eventually be traveling to other family members to pass on treats to them for special things that they do.

Later, I was asking TJ about his day and he was telling me that he and his "buddies" play this game, "It doesn't really have a name...but there are these girls....and they chase us...and we like it."  He further went on to say, "They hate me the most because they all want to catch me."  I did explain, as tactfully as I good, that I don't think they would play with him is they hated him.  Oh, to be 5 again. =)

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