14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love to celebrate holidays, but I don't like to buy a ton of crap just for the sake of having something to open.  I also have a small stuffed animal addiction.  My Mom still has more than one garbage bag full of them in her attic.  TJ's bed is inhabited by more then a few stuffed animals.  I also think I have high standards in animals.  They have to be cute and they can't be made out of that crappy fur that falls apart when you touch it.  So one day I decided to make my own
For Valentine's Day, I wanted to make something that would involve a heart, but not be too girly.  So I sketched a heart and just stared at it for a little while.  Something made me turn it upside-down, and I knew they just had to be little monsters, because what little boy doesn't like monsters?! I've made enough of these that I knew what I was doing and what little extras I wanted to add, like arms and spikes, plus I've got some new fabric paint that I wanted to give a whirl - since my machine free-hand embroidery isn't the best and I wanted these to look great and go together pretty easily.
I think they came out great!  And so do they. =)

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Christy said...

These heart stuffies are so cute!