09 January 2014

Octonauts Cupcakes for Preschool - Because who doesn't love a cupcake at 9am!

I've been away so long I had to rename the blog, since diapers are *mostly* a thing of my past.

So the twins turned 4 last week - GASP - and they wanted an Octonauts theme party.  I love a good theme, it makes all the party planning and prep so much easier.  It helps me narrow down how everything will look, the invites, the favors, the crafts, the decorations, the cake, and if I'm feeling extra crazy, the food.

Well this post is just going to be about the party after the party, the school party.  It seems nowadays (That makes me sound like such an old fart) having one party with your family and friends isn't enough, you need to have a party at school too.  So since I like a good theme, and I like to drive myself crazy, and one set of Octonauts baked goods wasn't enough....

Captain Barnacles

I'm pretty proud of myself for winging these in the grocery story aisle.  Oh that's right, that's how I used to make things before Pinterest - I used to use my brain!

JP wanted "white" cupcakes so for him I bought a box of vanilla cake mix, because I admit, I'm not the right kind of crazy to make these guys from scratch!  JR, wanted Chocolate, but a different brand then I got for JP, God forbid they make this easy...

For Captain Barnacles I used mini-marshmallows for the ears, and upside down chocolate chips for the eyes.  The "hat" is a blue pretzel m&m.  I bought 2 medium size bags and picked out all the blue ones, then gave my husband strict instructions to hide the remaining m&ms on me.  The rest of the blue details on the Captain is writing icing and a black writing icing nose.  I just wish I had blue baking cups to make him in, I think it would have really put the whole thing over the top.

For Peso, I picked a few yellow juju candies from the self-serve bins in the candy aisle and cut them up to make his nose.  His eyes and hat are the same as Captain Barnacles and his black fur is writing icing.  I had baking cups covered in Penguins that I just had to use here! 

Peso's #PenguinePerfect Baking Cups
I'm really happy with how they came out and my boys were also super impressed with Mommy when they saw the cupcakes this morning.  I think they liked these better then the cakes I made for their real birthday party - which I will try to actually blog about now that J&J are in school all day for 3 days a week - Woo-Hoo!!

The kids at J&J's Preschool had a hard time deciding which to take, but they all ate most of their cupcake, and what 3 and 4 year old doesn't need a cupcake at 9:15 in the morning?