30 July 2005

Why can't he sleep at night?

What a long night! From 2 to 5 am, everything I tried to put him in his crib he would just cry and cry. I tried the swaddle, the side sleep, the shush nothing was working. Eventually I got him to calm down and sleep when I lied down and put him on my chest. My mom came in around 5:30 and put him in his crib and he finally slept a bit. Then she said that after I finished feeding him, I should bring him into her room so that I could sleep. Thank God for my Mom!! I think I slept till 8, fed him again, then slept till almost 11. Today would have been miserable if Mom wasn't there to allow me to do that. She really has been absolutely amazing throughout all this. But I still feel bad that she's wasting her whole vacation helping me pack and take care of the wee one. I hope she's not just doing this because we're moving, and she thinks she won't see us. I'm going to be making the trip to NY as much as I can. Even more that I can, I'm going to make the trip even when I feel like I can't. I'm going to miss her too much to not make the trip.
So spending the night without Tom wasn't too bad, I think I was too exhausted to even really notice he wasn't around. Unfortunately, since I spend so much time alone with the baby, the fact that it was dark out and I was alone with him, didn't seem too much out of the ordinary. That's going to be the best part of moving, spending more time with Tom. I hate being without him. I'm sure it's going to be even worse in September with I'm not working. Him and the baby will be my whole world, not that they aren't already. But not working is going to be a HUGE adjustment for me, I don't realize it now because it's summer. So, when we move I'm not going to have anyone else, I'm going to need Tom.
I should go take care of my wee one.

2 weeks till the move...

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